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Modal No. OD-MPPT-BUCK-48-100/15
Product SeriesOD-MPPT-BUCK-EV
Battery Operating Mode48V
SPV (Pmax)900 W
Solar Input Voltage (Voc max)100Voc (Open Circuit Voltage)
Solar Input Voltage (Voc min)72V
Charging Method MCCV Mode
Battery TypeLead- Acid (Tubular/SMF)
Self-Power Consumption <2W
Max Charging Current15A
Display16x2 Character Display
(Continuous Working)
Parameters Displayed on
Solar Voltage (Vsol), Solar Current
(Isol),  Solar Power (Sol PWR), Battery
Voltage (Vbat), Charging Current (Ichg),
Solar Panel Generated Unit
IndicationsSolar Reverse, Battery Reverse/Fuse
Blown LED
SwitchesPower ON/OFF
Solar Reverse Current
Battery Reverse ProtectionYes(1 Fuse)
Fuse ProtectionYes (Externally Accessible)
Spare Fuse ProvidedYes
Switching ElementMOSFET
EfficiencyUp to 95%

Fan (Forced Air Cooling) with adaptive
Controlling forLonger Life. Fan turns
once the Charging Currentgoes above
4A and turns off when it goes below 2A.

ConnectionBakelite Screw Terminal
Enclosure TypeMS (Ivory Color)
Mounting TypeRetrofit Wall Mounted
Temperature0˚C TO 55˚C
Product Dimensions (L*W*H)18*16*10 CM
Packaging Dimensions (L*W*H)22*22*14 CM

1.5 Kg


OD-MPPT-BUCK-48-100/15 is an OD series MPPT-based 48V Electrical Vehicle(E-rickshaw) charger device. This device supports a maximum of 900W Solar input power.  Maximum 100Voc (open circuit voltage) Solar input voltage can be applied to this device.

MPPT EV Solar Charger OD-MPPT-BUCK-EV48-100/15

₹5,299.00 Regular Price
₹3,499.00Sale Price
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